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A 9MIR Moment – Episode 001: Recruiting & Grooming Breeds Hostility From Romanian Hosts


This past week has revealed to us that the selfish recruiting efforts of webcam sex chatting sites in Romania has resulted in an over-saturation of these sites with the sexually-exploited girls and women, who are often deceptively referred to as “hosts” or “models.” This over-saturation is causing instances of great hostility from those hosts inside of Romania. We’ve discovered that hosts on these sites, who reside outside of Romania, tend to block the nation in hopes of easing the instances of harassment and threats they endure from hosts inside of Romania, who create separate user accounts and enter their free chat to attack them for even being on the website to take paid sessions, which these hostile Romanian hosts appear to believe they’re entitled to. This seems to underline the point we’re continually trying to make, that many of the girls and women on these sites are being deceptively ensnared out of desperation. A customer service representative with ImLive, one of Romania’s biggest problem webcam sex chatting sites, confirmed this issue, stating: “That’s indeed true, as it is an extremely competitive area. Hosts become quite aggressive against other ones, and sometimes even members.” In response to our suggestion that the site curtail its recruiting efforts in Romania to help ease the rise of mob-mentality hostility from its hosts there, the representative responded: “…we do not think this might be the best solution, as all applicants should have an opportunity to make a living and apply on our site.”

Opportunity? To be deceived? Manipulated? Sexually exploited and objectified, setting women back a thousand years? Apparently the website’s customer service representatives are just as desperate and naïve as the girls and women who are being ensnared as “hosts” or “models.” Of course, the studios aren’t making this any better, deceptively working to build a sense of “family” and “loyalty” within the studio, grooming these girls and women to a point of hopeless dependency on the studio, further ensnaring and deceiving them. This grooming, in turn, creates division and intensifies hostility between studios and other studios, and even between studios and individual hosts, working from their homes.

This has been A 9MIR Moment with Jared A. Snyder.

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