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The 9 Months In Romania project is dedicated to combating the trafficking and sexual exploitation of women in Romania by the pornography industry, and to providing the victims with programs and services that enable them to build truly empowered lives.

Note: Although this project is focused on combating these issues in Romania, the information and data collected will be invaluable for government agencies and non-government organizations alike to successfully combat these same issues within the United States or in any other country where they pose a problem. Because of the severity of these issues within Romania, and throughout the Eastern European region for that matter, it makes the perfect environment from which to gather the most useful of information and data related to key aspects of the problem, those which can be categorized as underlying or root causes. The necessity for and benefits of this project, therefore, spread well beyond Romania’s borders and make its successful execution a global importance.    

Project Overview

What Is 9 Months In Romania About?

Performing Discovery

Every great solution starts with sufficient research. That’s why we’re committed to understanding the root cause(s) of this problem and how we can best help end it.

Facilitating Recovery

Talking about the problem is not enough. There must also be practical solutions that help eliminate or sufficiently mitigate the problem and offer real help to the victims.

Raising Awareness

Once recovery efforts have begun to realize results in the lives of victims, there must be equal effort put into helping ensure that there are fewer and fewer new victims.

Project Timeline

What Is The Timeline For 9 Months In Romania?

Prior to Departure
Month 1
Months 2-4
Months 5-7
Months 8-9
Beyond The Project
Before Arriving In Romania
In the time leading up the to departure for Romania, there will be a focus placed upon developing plans for research clinics, studying the local culture and economic conditions for the cities we'll be working in. There will be equal effort placed on fundraising and creating more awareness of the project. After all, the project cannot move forward if it isn't adequately funded.
Month 1: Getting Settled And Acclimated
Upon arriving in Romania, the first 4 weeks will be spent settling in and getting acclimated with the local culture and custom. This is the only way to truly understand the experiences of those people this project seeks to help. This project will cover two major cities in Romania, so this time will be divided evenly among them.
Months 2-4: Researching The Root(s) Of The Problem
The following 12 weeks will be spent conducting research clinics. Research participants will be women who are currently ensnared by the pornography industry, via webcam sex chatting. They will be offered a stipend for their participation. These clinics will be conducted in both cities, in facilities provided by partner-universities.
Months 5-7: Developing Programs And Services
Following that research period, the next 12 weeks will focus on utilizing the resulting data to develop programs and services that assist ensnared women to escape and create new secure lives for themselves. A few pre-selected research candidates from both cities will help test the practicality and usefulness of these proposed programs and services.
Months 8-9: Implementing Programs And Publishing Research Findings
With all of the foundational research out the way, the next 8 weeks will be used to implement programs and services, as well as to compile and publish all research findings. This published report will aid legislative and law enforcement officials in combating similar trafficking activity all over the world.
Beyond The Project
9 Months In Romania may end after month 9, but its efforts do not. In fact, it is being used as an exploratory project to establish the long-term presence of its parent non-profit organization, The Zoe's Publishing Foundation (ZPF), in Romania and the Eastern European region. ZPF will immediately begin scaling these efforts beyond the two cities 9 Months In Romania focused on.

Focuses Emphasized By
Programs And Services

What Are The Main Focuses Emphasized
By Programs And Services?

For Individual Recovery

For Raising Awareness

Budget Allocation

How Will Money Raised For
9 Months In Romania Be Spent?

This section is interactive. Hover over or click individual regions of the pie chart for percentage value details. You can also click on individual points in the list below to expand them for more information.
9 Months In Romania Budget Allocation

The first fundraising milestone that we must reach for this project is $65,000. This is the bare-bones minimum amount that must be raised for this project to transition from the pre-production phase into the production phase. The next milestone is $100,000, and the project will be considered funded at this point. However, we will continue fundraising beyond that milestone, since additional funding will be necessary to maintain the programs and services we will be implementing toward the end of the nine-month period. Additionally, there is talk of a documentary being filmed. Such a production would not only demonstrate the success of this project, but also serve as a great resource for our future work in raising awareness of the truth about the human rights atrocities the pornography industry is committing in Eastern Europe. If the team decides to proceed with such a production, additional funding will be needed to complete it.

Only about 19% of the total budget will be dedicated to the research portion of the project. Expenditures for this portion of the project may include, but are not limited to (Keep in mind that is the total amount for the 9 month duration of the project):

  • Research facilities deposits/fees
  • Research participants stipends
  • Computer equipment required to conduct research clinics
  • Non-volunteer personnel (I.e. Security Guards)
  • Materials (I.e. Office Supplies)

The second largest portion of the budget, being about 25% of the total, will be utilized for the development and implementation of programs and services aimed at assisting victims with escaping the industry and making a fresh start, and also those that will help educate the public about truth behind the human rights atrocities the pornography industry is committing in Eastern Europe via webcam sex chatting websites and studios. Programs and services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Psychological/emotional well-being
  • Physical well-being
  • Legal assistance
  • Personal finances and budgeting
  • Career preparation/training
  • Housing and utilities
  • Food and nutrition assistance

Apart from the costs associated with necessary research, developing and implementing programs and services, and the living expenses incurred as a result of the project’s organizer and Lead Researcher relocating to Romania for 9 months, there are numerous other expenses that come up as well. To cover such expenses, roughly 41% of the total budget will be dedicated to these related and necessary expenses. Examples of these necessary “other related expenses” include, but are not limited to:

  • Salary for Necessary ZPF Staff
  • Setting Up/Operating A Small ZPF Office In Romania
  • Legal Fees
  • Licensing, Certification, and Registration Fees
  • Project Marketing/PR
  • Project Costs Leading Up To Month 1 In Romania

The smallest portion of this budget, about 15% of the total, will be used to cover necessary living expenses incurred by the project’s Organizer & Lead Researcher relocating to Romania for the full nine-month period.  Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Travel Costs To/From Romania
  • Housing Rent/Lease
  • Utilities
  • Food/Groceries
  • Toiletries/Hygiene
  • Transportation Costs
  • Medical Costs
  • Reasonable Stipend For Misc.

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Please, consider volunteering and helping us raise awareness.

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