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True success results from effective partnership. Being administrated by The Zoe’s Publishing Foundation, advised by Regent University faculty in the United States, supported by notable universities in Romania, and with the insight and contributions of other individual experts,  the 9 Months In Romania project is rooted in and guided by effective partnership.


Graduate level research will be conducted to assess how and why so many women are being ensnared by the deceptive webcam studios. It will also determine how NGO’s and government agencies alike can help reverse the trend. This research will be useful in nations where human trafficking and sexual exploitation are a problem.


Apart from researching the issues, taking an active role in resolving them is equally as important. An emphasis will be placed on helping individuals escape the current exploitative situation that they are in, as well as educating others to help them avoid being deceived by the webcam studios and websites.

6 Fast About Webcam Sex Chatting


Webcam sex chatting is modeling


Webcam sex chatting involves the performance of sexual activities on camera for the specific purpose of causing arousal and achieving ejaculation, which makes this activity a form of pornography. Because currency is exchanged during this activity, it is also a form of digital prostitution and human trafficking.


Webcam sex chatting is a great way to earn a great living


There are numerous variables that determine what a performer earns. Furthermore, since all of the popular webcam sex chat porn websites are over-saturated with desperate performers all hoping to earn a livable wage, many find that they must work on multiple websites simultaneously to try to snag a paying visitor. The money is far from consistent and many performers still struggle to make ends meet on a monthly basis.


Webcam sex chatting isn't human trafficking if the performer willingly signs up to do it


The "UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons" (published in 2000) specifies that, in the case of legal adults, victim consent is irrelevant if threat, coercion, abduction, fraud, deceit, deception, or abuse of power is employed as a means to recruit, transport, transfer, harbor, or receive any person for the purpose of prostitution, pornography, violence/sexual exploitation, forced labor, involuntary servitude, debt bondage (unfair wages), or slavery or similar practices.


Webcam sex chatting is discreet


As a false sense of security for the performers, webcam sex chat porn sites and studios alike tout the ability of performers to "block" specific regions, countries, or states so that they can keep their work "discreet." Such mechanisms are quite simplistic and can easily be circumvented. Furthermore, studios and websites do heavy advertising on social media, which typically includes photos of studio interiors, of performers, as well as contact information for the studios.


Webcam sex chatting isn't exploitation since the performer is compensated and sets their own schedule


Performers risk their physical, mental and emotional health, work daunting hours, and risk their personal reputations in hopes of earning the generous income they were told they would get in this line of work. However, the operators of the webcam sex porn websites take anywhere from 40%-60% of everything earned by the performer. If the performer works at a studio, an additional percentage is taken off and the performer is left with the smallest portion of the earnings.


Webcam sex chatting is safe


Since it is human trafficking and exploitation, webcam sex chatting is inherently unsafe. Performers are subject to conditions that may cause psychological and emotional damage within them resulting in sociopathic or psychopathic behaviors. Working in a studio that openly advertises online, shares photos detailing its interior, and posts its contact information further jeopardizes the physical safety of the performers working there.

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The 9 Months In Romania Project is being organized and completed by Jared A. Snyder, a Graduate student in the United States. It is being conducted in partnership with his NGO, The Zoe’s Publishing Foundation, and a team of academic and professional experts located in Romania and the United States. Jared is a Master of Divinity student at Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA, United States). The focus of his degree is Marketplace Ministry (ministry in business), because he has a particular interest in charitable work and enterprises. Having a lot of personal experience with homelessness, poverty, and hunger, Jared is passionate about social and human rights issues, especially those that affect children and teenagers. To help establish trust and credibility, enrollment certificates, certified by the Registrar’s Office at Regent University, are being routinely uploaded to this site. These certificates validate Jared’s enrollment at the university.

A large portion of the the funds raised in this campaign will be spent in the United States, before Jared even departs for Romania. The money will be used for administrative matters and the initial stages of the research programming that he will utilize in Romania. In addition, various members of the 9 Months In Romania team (most of whom are Romanians residing within Romania) need to receive some compensation for their time and talents, which they are utilizing to assist with the development of various aspects of the project. There may also be certain legal fees associated with getting any licensing, registrations, or other official paperwork required by the Romanian government to conduct this research project in Romania. Any remaining funds will help cover Jared’s living expenses in Romania, so that he can focus completely on his research without having to additionally worry about earning an income while he is there.

This particular project will run for a period of 9 months. It was laid out that way to coincide with a fellowship program that Jared has applied to. This way, even if he is not selected for the fellowship program, he can still move forward with this project with little to no additional planning needed. It should also be noted that this project is only the start of what will become regular work in Romania for Jared and The Zoe’s Publishing Foundation.

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Additionally, it should be noted that donation transactions are not processed within this site, but are processed by PayPal on their own secure servers. Your financial information, therefore, is not stored on our server. Once you complete your donation transaction, PayPal will redirect you back to our site and you will receive a message that your donation transaction was completed successfully. Donate with confidence!

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