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A 9MIR Moment – Episode 002: Deception! Deception! Deception!


This week is all about deception, deception, deception! Of course, the industry behind webcam sex chatting is undeniably a filthy, festering sewer, so any talk of deception related to it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Still, there’s something to be said about the ways that deception emerges through webcam sex chatting websites and studios, especially since they are constantly trying to change the narrative and make us all believe that what they’re doing is moral, ethical, legal, and totally above board.

To start with, there’s the way that they go about recruiting and grooming girls and women for the work. Of course, they never start by describing the work itself, including the potential emotional, psychological, and physical abuses that will in all likeliness be experienced. No, they promise big wages, amazing perks, and luxurious lifestyles. All the shiny buzzwords that someone who is desperate and naïve wants to hear. Cigarette and alcohol manufacturers have to provide warnings about the potential harms caused by their products, but even though what they’re selling is just as dangerous, the webcam sex chatting websites and studios seem to be exempt from being legally required to make similar warnings. Why do you suppose that is? Feel free to leave any ideas you have regarding this in the comments section.

If you regularly follow us on Instagram, then you probably saw a recent post we made in which we ask a really great question regarding what webcam sex chatting websites and studios say they’re up to, versus what’s really going on behind the scenes. The post poses the following question: “If deceptively ensnaring women into webcam sex chatting isn’t morally and ethically (and legally) wrong, then why do the websites and studios enforce so many policies aimed at keeping those women silent?” The post came as a result of having numerous girls and women on these sites state that they are forbidden from discussing certain things and sharing certain information, according to policies that are in place. For the record, we do know that websites and studios regularly broadcast messages to these girls and women, behind the scenes, which are warnings of some sort, or recommendations to help them get better at being sexually exploited. They, the sites and studios, also monitor the exploited girl’s and women’s PM’s (private messages) and chat rooms.

If you ask me, either these website and studio operators have some serious trust issues, or they know that what they’re doing is wrong and, out of their blatant selfishness, are doing whatever is necessary to try to cover it up.

This has been “A 9MIR Moment” with Jared A. Snyder!

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