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A 9MIR Moment – Episode 005: The 20% Claim: A New Low


When one considers how the abhorrent, slimy dogs that own and operate the webcam sex chatting websites and studios view women, how they see them as nothing more than sexual objects that they can manipulate and use to line their own filthy pockets, one cannot help but wonder if these dogs could sink any lower, do anything worse to dehumanize women and make a mockery of human rights. The unfortunate answer to that, of course, is yes. Yes, they can. In this episode of “A 9MIR Moment,” we’re going to learn all about how these heartless morons have taken their sexual exploitation to a whole new level.

It has, indeed, been a while since we’ve last shared anything with you, but as you probably know, we’ve been rather busy moving the 9 Months In Romania human rights project along. In fact, we’ve gotten to a stage in the project where we can no longer share as openly as we initially were. That doesn’t mean we’re going to totally leave you in the dark. After all, educating the public with the truths surrounding webcam sex chatting is an important piece of our overall mission. However, as the saying goes, “loose lips sink ships.”

That said, we’re quite adamant about sharing some new information with you that we’ve recently uncovered, thanks to one of our contacts within the industry coming forward to share it with us. To preface this new information, we need to recall a bit of information we shared with you, back in episode 003, with regards to how these exploited women are paid…

So, to recap, these exploited women only typically see 30% of everything they bring in through being sexually objectified. There are a smaller number of these women, 100 or so, who will see 35% because they have made it in to the “Hall of Fame” for a particular payment period. However, if a woman is working out of a studio, an additional amount will be taken by that studio, usually around 50%. So, the woman, who has been sexually objectified, who has staked her reputation, who has also potentially jeopardized her emotional, psychological, and physical well-being is only getting the scraps of the profits earned by doing so, and she ought to be grateful that she’s even getting that. It is truly disgusting!

Now, on to the new information, and things have gotten even worse. One of our contacts has come forward to tell us that within the past 6 months or so, one of the larger offending websites, known as ImLive, has put a marketing practice into place that leaves the women with even less. That’s right, now, instead of the standard 30%, women are only seeing 20% at times. That’s because the website’s operator has apparently decided to cover the cost of its promotional activities with funds pilfered from the women’s earnings, instead from its own operating funds.

When we first learned of this unethical and undeniably illegal practice, we were at a total loss for words. Somehow, it all seemed unbelievable, even given the fact that we’re dealing with low-life scumbags. Not wanting to be grouped in with the unethical politicians and media mobs in the United States, who seem to take pride in spreading lies and unverified information, we opted to corroborate this claim before making the information public. Since first hearing of this newer practice, we’ve spoken to 4 other women, all who are working on the same website. These women do not all know one another, and they don’t even all live in the same area of Romania. Yet, they have all confirmed the 20% claim.

And it makes us wonder, now that you’ve been made privy to this disturbing new information, what are you going to do with it?

This has been “A 9MIR Moment” with Jared A. Snyder!

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